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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer fun essentials!

Hi! It's almost upon us... I read that the first day of summer will be June 21st in 2017, and now I can't stop wanting to hear Olaf sing, "In Summer"....

Now that I got THAT out of the way... I get some really nifty graphics with great ideas and I'd like to share these oily tips for an essentially fantastic summer with you!

Lavaderm: This graphic says it's for 'sun-kissed skin'. Hopefully you won't need anything for skin that has been smacked by the sun, right? LOL. Be careful out there! Yes, I love Lavaderm. It's not at all expensive (under $14 for wholesale members) but that may be why it's so hard to keep it in stock. (Item 3249) I might want to look into making something similar myself...

Click here if you need ideas on making your own sunscreen.

Oh yes, we do prefer our personal space to be bug-free! This natural insect repellent is a beautiful, simple recipe. Besides Citronella, there are a few oils that can be layered into your spray depending on...who you want to offend! LOL!
This is the recipe we use: Bug off!

I'll say that I've grown to like vodka better than witch hazel in my sprays because of the smell. Vodka has almost no smell (I like Kirkland's brand from Costco) and I think witch hazel smells funny after a few weeks. But, whatevs--this isn't perfume. You can dilute the witch hazel as well. Both are effective emulsifiers and help your oils to mix with water. ;-)

 I live in the dry desert and peppermint spray comes in handy for SO many things. Feeling too warm, a quick pick me up, bad breath. LOL! Especially if we are waiting in line somewhere or at an outdoor sports event. It's nice to have. I actually carry a 1 oz size of both the peppermint spray and 'bug off!' in my purse during the summer months. That's not too much to lug around and they save my butt or the butts of my friends and family fairly frequently!

I don't fish, but someday I hope to take a cruise. :-) Here are a few ways to combat the wooziness that can come with the motion of the ocean.

I know we all got feet... Unless of course you're a mermaid! :-)

I'm a mermaid. Minus the mer. :-) I've recently come to love this combo of lavender and peppermint. Calming and uplifting at the same time. 

I consider myself somewhat educated on body butter, and this recipe is about as good as it gets. Looks like a perfect recipe for feet going into socks before bed, just as the graphic suggests. To purchase ingredients to make body butter, to get a few different recipes or really awesome tips, click here: Better Body Butter

Yes, I will be needing germ killers that smell like 'home' and don't disrupt hormones. You will too! I love the products that Young Living makes, but if you'd like DIY versions, you can find those here: quickie DIY sanitzer and how to DIY Thieves spray

Just...hail yes. Life should have waaay more vacations. :-) Who's with me? So if you can't get away you can at least take a mental vacation via aromatherapy every now and again!

I love these marinade recipes because they're easy ways for us to eat healthier and grilling means no pots or pans to wash...Hallelujah!

Strawberry lemonade: Tried it! Love it! You're welcome! :-) I'm finding there's no need to throw away fruit any more. Or maybe that's just maturity... I try to buy organic produce when I can and I DISLIKE being wasteful. So when fruit starts looking less than appealing, I freeze it and later throw it in something like this.

This, I have NOT tried...but I wonder who would like to try it with me!?! You had me at 'skip the artificial ingredients' but there's tequila in it too! :-) If you need to know how to make simple syrup, you can find that in here: Secrets for great lavender lemonade

One more for good measure...the elegant DIY Citronella candle. This is so pretty and functional for your warm weather outdoor get togethers.

On behalf of Anointed By Abba, thank you for your patronage to our page and blog, and have a safe and FUN summer!!

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