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Sunday, May 21, 2017

25+ uses for baking soda I wish my Mom knew

Ever walk past something everyday and one day realize you never appreciated it's value? That's me and baking soda right now. Yup, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G. As in--keeping it simple, silly!

Why am I so enamored by the simple chemical compound sodium bicarbonate?

Because it makes an effective and economical toothpaste: Thyroid issues and toothpaste - choose safer options by Young Living or DIY

Baking soda can be used in a 3 ingredient mouthwash that works fabulously: Wellness By Design - DIY Mouthwash

Of course, essential oils make it better.

I'm also loving baking soda because I can make an inexpensive and organic facial treatment that produces spa results, right at home: DIY exfoliating honey mask & scrub

It's also a soothing bath soak addition: Relaxing bath salts

And baking soda cleans house like nobody's biz!! Had I known the value in baking soda sooner, I may have saved a fortune! (And had seriously defined arms. :-) There are plenty of Fortune 500 companies out there that'd rather you not know this - a toxin free home is inexpensive, simple and with the added power of Young Living Essential Oils - it can smell like heaven!

Did you know this? It's a new idea for me in the last few of my 46 years. This is a staple recipe you need to know about! Besides the financial savings, the WHY for saving our bodies and our planet are in here: all natural DIY dishwashing tips & recipes

PLUS, links to ALL the cool green dishwashing tips we've collected - from the young and old! ;-)

Carpet freshener, soft scrub, glass cooktop and stove cleaner, oven cleaner, grill cleaner, toilet, tub and tile cleaner, all with this 2 ingredient product base. Read about those by clicking here: Multi Purpose Power Powder

In my Spring cleaning quest 2017, I got to go deeper and cleaned out some of the toxic personal care products from my medicine cabinet. As I went through my kitchen, which has been mostly green the last few years, I actually added something...

This is my trash cabinet. Unfortunately, the design of my kitchen left me few choices for concealing the garbage can. I suppose I can thank God that the can is small and the bag is changed frequently, but the drawer above it is my silverware drawer!! (Eeek)

Occasionally something gross smelling in the trash would waft up to my nostrils when I went to grab forks for dinner, and that aint flyin' with me! See the mason jar by the water tank? It's now full of the multi purpose power powder, with extra essential oils like lemongrass in it. I mix up more of that at one time now, and just stash some extra down here. I know I said 25+ uses for baking soda...but #4,662, 420 may be more accurate! 

After a few weeks it'll be replaced with fresh stuff and I'll use this batch for scrubbing! 
On top of the cabinet and over a couple inches is my kitchen sink where I keep all my YL & DIY goodies in a tray, including the Multi Purpose Power Powder. Multi purpose power powder is REALLY getting a lot of use for just PENNIES. 

Do you still buy Comet?!? Can you brush your teeth with Comet? (That's a hail no) Just something to think about.

These are the simple DIY recipes I wish I'd known about long ago, but my parents just weren't taught. My grandparents knew some of these things, and probably my great grandparents, who came to the United States from Europe around the turn of the century. What I wouldn't give to chat with them now, knowing what I know today... I can picture myself eating a peach from their tree and taking notes between bites. :-)

For sure, my kids know more on this subject than I did at their age. And it's about time. Our bodies are trying to tell us something that we ought to listen to. Here are a few more uses for baking soda you may find useful around the house:

From LoveTheWatsons@blogspot.com : Garbage disposal bombs

Mix it up, press it into a silicone mold such this, and give it 24 hours to dry

Baking soda in the laundry room:

Laundry and soft scrub tip: all natural bleach alternative

Didjya know?  Making washing soda from baking soda is SO easy!

And from that, we can make an all natural stain stick?!? Where have I been all my life?!?

I'm certain there are many more uses for this cheap and plentiful compound of sodium bicarbonate that I have yet to discover... I'm just glad I got started. I buy a 13.5 lb bag of Arm & Hammer baking soda at Costco for less than $8.00 and clean, polish, disinfect and deodorize for about a year!

**I wanted to mention how long baking soda has been around, so I did a quick search and now m
y mind is so BLOWN I can't unblow it! I could fill a lot of blogs with what else baking soda can do. And I just might... But do yourself a favor and look up 'sodium bicarbonate' on wikipedia or a site you trust - today! I bet a lot of people could feel healthier by incorporating baking soda into their lives. We need to share this information with other people.**

SO!! Baking soda was introduced in the 1860's and it's earning major respect from me.  One fact I must share is that while creating the nuclear bomb, it was discovered that the only effective way of cleaning uranium-contaminated clothing was with 6 ounces of baking soda added to 2 gallons of water.

Uh, WOW. I'm curious how many of today's issues can be resolved with yesteryear's discoveries...

And I giggle to think- baking soda is a baby compared to essential oils!

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